Singapore Premier League • October 26, 2014

Aide Disappointed With Draw


Written by: Muhammad Yazid

Courts Young Lions coach Aide Iskandar was gunning to finish the season on a winning note and he was disappointed that that was not the case on Saturday evening after a 1-1 draw with Geylang International.

“We would have preferred three points, as it would be something for us and the fans to cheer about,” Aide remarked.

“We did not have a good first half as we looked a bit lethargic. Second half we played with more urgency and got the equaliser.

“At the end of the day we have to be happy with the fair one point because at least we did not lose in our last three games.”

However, reflecting on the season gone past, Aide was definitely happy with what he saw from this charges this season.

“We will not say that our season was fantastic, but definitely there is an improvement from last season,” he lauded.

“We have achieved to develop young players. More players like Shameeq Aziq, Iqbal Hussain and Amirul Adli are rising up the ranks.

“What was good to see was the call-up for some of the players to the national set-up. Besides winning the title in a career, this is a huge achievement.”

At the other end, Geylang coach Jorg Steinebrunner felt that his team did end the season on a good note with an excellent performance, despite failing to claim three points.

“It was an entertaining game and we did well in many aspects,” Steinebrunner grinned.

“I have to say that it was a different performance compared to the one against Hougang United. We made it very difficult in the first half for Young Lions.

“In the second half, we knew that they were going to come back hard at us, and even then we looked defensively good.

“We defensively looked much organised by covering each other well. Work rate wise, there was nothing much we could ask for.”

However, as always, the German was disappointed his side did not finish their chances when they had created ample chances to do so.

“When you look at the chances we created, we should have won the game,” he assured.

“We looked very good on the counter-attacks and on ball possession. If we had scored the second goal we would have won it because defensively we did not give much away.”