Singapore Premier League • October 22, 2014

Aide: We Are On The Right Track For SEA Games


Written by: Muhammad Yazid

After Courts Young Lions’ narrow 2-1 win over Woodlands Wellington, Young Lions coach Aide Iskandar declared that his side was proceeding along as planned for the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games 2015.

The win was the Young Lions’ seventh all season with one more game to go, an improvement from the five games won in total last season in the Great Eastern Yeo’s S.League.

“We are slowly making progress. We should be happy with where we are right now but have to put in a lot of hard work,” Aide said.

Reflecting on the narrow victory, Aide voiced his pleasure at how his side managed to overcome fatigue and put on a good performance.

“It is tough on the boys because it is their second game in four days, but we managed to pull off a good performance,” he added.

“It was a good team performance and let us see if we can replicate against Geylang International in our last game.

“We controlled the game and it was nice to see some good movements. I am happy with the team. Shakir Hamzah did well in his debut as he stabilised the defence with his experience.

“Rudy Khairullah did well with some good saves while Iqbal Hussain and M.Anumanthan capped off their performances with a goal each.”

However, with the game tied at half-time, Aide revealed that he had to reiterated to his charges during the break his game plan in order for them to secure the win.

“First half was not that good because we did not use the ball well and passes went astray,” he shared.

“I emphasised at half-time the importance of using space. I told Iqbal to take shots and his goal was fantastic.

“Anu has been wanting to score so I told him to take shots and be aggressive and he did just that. We were more fluid in the second half and the passes were better.”

Despite his contentment, Aide also found some things to be critical of, namely the lack of a clean sheet and the profligacy of his players.

“The set back is that we did not manage a clean sheet, we must try to keep clean sheets because they win you games,” he said.

“Our finishing has to be ruthless. With the chances we created in the past two games, we could have scored a lot of goals.

“Potentially if we are able to work on our finishing, we can be a goal-scoring team.”

Despite the loss, Woodlands coach Salim Moin was given a reason to smile as he saw an improvement in performance from his side.

“Much improved in style of play. We carried out the game plan well,” Salim commented.

“Whenever we defend, it is 5-4-1 and when attack, it is 1-4-4-1. We created chances in the first half but just could not take them well.”

However, the ex-Singapore international was upset with various factors in the game.

“I am very disappointed to have allowed the first goal. Our players were only shadowing the striker and everyone forgot to tackle,” he expressed.

“Players have to be more aware. Before they get approached by the opponent, they have to play the ball much earlier.

“I need all my players to work together. They must have eagerness to be in the team. My players cannot play now because looking at our position in the table, they have nothing to look forward to.

“There is nothing to achieve but the attitude of the players must be right. You can call Guus Hiddink down and I am sure he would not be able to do anything because the players have got no motivation in the first place.

“I want to see character. Everyone can see how you perform. I tell my players not to cheat yourselves and the fans.”