News • September 20, 2014

Buoyant S.League Fans Receive Tickets For Sultan Of Selangor Cup


Written by: Muhammad Yazid

Fan-representatives from various Great Eastern Yeo’s S.League clubs congregated at the Jalan Besar Stadium on Friday evening to mark their attendance in the Sultan of Selangor (SOS) Cup ticket-presentation by  Guest-of-Honour Dato’ Abd Karim Munisar, SOS Organising Chairman.

The SOS Cup is an annual event which involves games between Singapore veterans and the Selangor veterans, and the Singapore selection and Selangor selection respectively.

In its 13th year running, followers of the local football scene have always been awaiting this tournament, which marks the friendship and rivalry between the two sides.

“Everybody has been awaiting for this competition and this year,” Dato’ Abd Karim expressed.

“The organizing committee has put in place certain activities to make the event more slightly different from other competitions.”

S.League Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Chin believed that the SOS Cup has been benefitting the league as a whole.

“It is a prestigious and auspicious event,” Mr Lim started off.

“It has been growing from year to year and this year we are happy that the support from the fans has been tremendous.

“For the first time we have guided over ten buses of fans going over to Shah Alam Stadium to witness this historic event.”

This year’s edition would also see the reunion of former local superstars Fandi Ahmad and V.Sundramoorthy, and Mr Lim pointed that out as one of the factors on how the tournament has been spreading excitement.

“We have not seen Fandi and Sundram not play together for the longest time, and we hope that they will come together this time round to light up the terraces,” he mentioned.


Among the fans that were present was Hussain Razzak, a long-time supporter of Woodlands Wellington FC.

“It is a good platform and a head-start for the local league,” Hussain shared his thoughts.

“It benefits the fans who are interested to travel and witness the teams in action. When it comes to SOS Cup, the excitement is always there annually. Selangor has a good fan-base with their ‘ultras’, who will come in thousands and thousands.”

The SOS Cup would be held at the Shah Alam Stadium on Saturday, 27 September.

Fans/Fan groups who are interested to attend the Sultan of Selangor’s Cup 2014 may register with Mr. Amir at [email protected] or call 6880 3119.

Fans should send the following registration details to Mr. Amir – Full Name (as printed in Passport), Birth Date, Passport No. and Date of Passport Expiry (Fans are reminded that passports must be valid for a period of at least 6 months from date of travel, ie  at least valid until 26 March 2015 ).

Registration is free and will close by 24th September, Wednesday.