Singapore Premier League • September 30, 2014

Closest Title Race Ever, Says Veteran Yazid


Written by: Muhammad Yazid

Great Eastern Yeo’s S.League veteran goalkeeper Yazid Yasin gave his take on the current title race and admitted that this was the most competitive challenge he has ever witnessed since the league’s birth.

Having played in every season of the Great Eastern Yeo’s S.League since it started in 1996, there had been many things Yazid experienced these 18 years.

However, with the top-five teams within touching distance of each other,Yazid was convinced that any of the five teams are capable of landing their hands on the holy grail.

Six points currently separate the top from fifth. League leaders Brunei DPMM are on 46 points, with Warriors FC, Albirex Niigata (S) and Home United five points behind, while reigning league champions Tampines Rovers are in fifth place on 40 points.

“There were a couple of seasons where the standings were quite tight but this year is the tightest because any of the top five teams can win it if results go in their way,” the 34-year-old expressed.

“There are still chances for the other teams to catch up with Brunei because the point-gap is very small.

“Unfortunately, teams like Home and Tampines have been dropping points in their last few games. If they had collected the necessary points, it would have been much tighter right now at the top of the table.”

Despite not much separating the teams in terms of points, Yazid predicted that DPMM would eventually secure the league’s title.

“It is very tight, especially at the top five. Brunei DPMM is the team to beat; they just need to lose their remaining five games to lose in the title race,” he observed.

“Brunei is so close that if they win their next couple of games, their title may be sealed.

“They have been competitive ever since they are in the league. This year they have the cutting edge and can grind out the results when they need to.

“They can win comfortably when they have to and these are the main differences between them and the other teams.”

Considering that Warriors were unable to make the top-half of the league last season, much less challenge for the title, Yazid admitted that he will be very surprise come end of the season if they do manage to come out on top.

“If Warriors win, it will be a big surprise to me,” Yazid shared. “They have always been there but considering their performance in the last season, they have improved tremendously this year.

“They have done brilliantly in the top two and are currently the closest to DPMM. If they win the league, it will be a huge result for them.”

After giving his views on the title race, Yazid was keen to stress that the bottom-half of the table will be just as exciting to watch.

Each game will have a huge say on where each club finishes in come end of the season, and Yazid believe that teams will be fighting to improve their standing despite little to fight for.

“I am disappointed that my team is not part of the exciting title race or at least top six, but looking at the games we have in hand for the final five games, it is very exciting,” he expressed.

“It is important to get as high as we can as the point-gap is very close. Two or three games will define where you stand in the league.”