Singapore Premier League • April 26, 2014

Coaches Upset With Their Goalkeepers


Written By: Kenneth Ho

There was only one losing team in the 3-4 thriller between Harimau Muda and Hougang United at Pasir Gudang Stadium on Thursday night.

However, there were two unhappy coaches from the respective teams despite one of them belonging to the winning side.

This was in no small part due to the amount of errors committed by both teams’ goalkeepers, which accounted for five of the seven goals scored.

Hougang United were the winners in this contest but saw their custodian Nazri Sabri putting out a nervy performance which resulted in two soft goals being conceded.

“This was what we came for, three points, and it is important we got what came for. But not really a performance that I am pleased of to be honest,” Hougang coach Amin Nasir admitted.

“Not say overall, I am just not comfortable with errors that the goalkeeper made, so that’s something for him to reflect back. I think we could do better for that.

“If we want to be a top team, these mistakes all we have to cut down.”

“Nazri made mistakes, I need to motivate him. It is not easy but to be professional he has to look forward.”

Harimau fared no better in the goalkeeping aspect, with their starting goalkeeper Solehin Mamat making a series of fine saves early on in the game only to undo his good work by committing two blunders which led to the second and third goal being scored.

Lacking the confidence to continue his duties, the youngster requested to be taken off.

However, his deputy Ilham Amirullah did no better as the substitute made a poor call to rush out of the penalty-box, and allowed Hougang midfielder Shunsuke Nakatake to put the ball into an empty goal.

“Again, quite disappointed with the result and the way we let in the goals,” Harimau coach Razip Ismail bemoaned.

“Second half we are pushing ourselves to get the goal but at the back we are very poor and sloppy in defending. All the players are disappointed at the way they let in the goals.”

“Almost every game we make the same mistakes.. we give all the goals from our own mistakes.”

Razip believed that his side could have gotten a point at the very least, if his young squad kept their composure and did not commit schoolboy errors.

“If you look before they scored the third goal we were in control. But when we make the mistake we give them confidence and we are having difficulties when you are two, three goals down,” he added.

“I know they are working hard, but if you make all the silly mistakes you will be left disappointed.”