Singapore Premier League • October 16, 2014

Finishing Position Not Vallee’s Main Priority


Written by: Muhammad Yazid

Tanjong Pagar United managed to squeeze out a narrow 1-0 win over Woodlands Wellington on Wednesday evening, and gain more points in the league.

However, now that the season is about to come to an end with two more games, Tanjong Pagar coach Patrick Vallee shared that he was not fussed about his side’s eventual final league standing.

“Sincerely, finishing on a particular position is not the main objective,” Vallee revealed.

“I am looking for my team to enjoy the game and fight to win in a good way. At the end of the day, if the focus is on something else, it may not turn out good for everybody.

“At the end of the season, it is important to show the ability and standard of the team. But of course if it is possible to finish above Geylang International, then why not? We would try to finish in a better position.”

The win over Woodlands also made it the second consecutive win for the Jaguars, after the hosts had also brushed aside Courts Young Lions in a 3-1 scoreline before coming into this match.

“We deserved to win this game,” Vallee asserted.

“It was good for the players’ morale because we played well. All the players were fully focused to get the result.

“From my goalkeeper all the way to my strikers, everyone played simple football without taking any risks.

“Although we could have scored more goals to cool down thereafter, I think that all my players’ main target was to try and win the game.”

The former Etoile FC coach also singled out two Prime League players who featured during the match, Afiq Tan and Marcus Wheeler, for praise.

“It is their second game in a row and it is good to see them playing without pressure,” he praised.

“They were not scared to try and they also did not panic. But we also need experienced players to guide them to perform.

“We must give them confidence and not put pressure on them. If they keep working hard, they can even possibly get called up for the national team in time to come.”

Woodlands Wellington coach Salim Moin was displeased with the display of his charges and he made it clear during the post-match press conference.

Calling the performance a disappointment, Salim lashed out at his players for failing to play to instructions despite the preparations they had.

“I am very disappointed. We had already done everything in training sessions but when it comes to the game, it is all gone,” Salim complained.

“I showed them how to move and play the ball during our sessions but in the game, I do not see any urgency and intelligence.

“I told them to attack through the middle because Tanjong Pagar has not-so-tall centre-backs. But my two foreign strikers could not do anything.

“We had a game plan but the players are not responsible and well-prepared. They do not know what to do with the ball.“