News Singapore Cup Singapore Premier League • February 4, 2021

Fitogether becomes first Official Wearable Technology Partner of Singapore Premier League



SINGAPORE, 4 FEBRUARY 2021 – Singapore Premier League (SPL) clubs will receive a boost in monitoring player performances starting from the 2021 season, thanks to Fitogether.


The South Korean company, which specialises in Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS) football science technology, will come on board as the Official Wearable Technology Partner of the SPL and Singapore Cup – a first for local football.


The two-year partnership is worth around S$620,000 and will see Fitogether provide all SPL clubs with fully functioning Global Positioning Systems (GPS) devices – among other EPTS gear – to facilitate tracking of fitness data for players. Other initiatives to further boost the league’s capability development are also in the works, such as an annual Sport Science and Technology conference to equip clubs with the latest knowledge.


The SPL becomes the third football league, after the K League and Uzbekistan Football Association (UFA), to collaborate with Fitogether, which holds one of the best scores among the five GPS products that have been assessed under the FIFA Quality Programme for EPTS to date.


Mr Haiyum Jaafar, Head, Football Science, Football Association of Singapore (FAS), said: “We are looking forward to this exciting partnership with Fitogether, whose EPTS devices have been certified to be of world-leading quality. With their expertise, our SPL clubs will be able to leverage on cutting-edge technology to assess player performances, as well as to develop and deliver better training programmes to help raise the standards of play.”




Mr Yoon Jinsung, CEO of Fitogether, said: “We are more than happy to be part of this journey that the FAS is taking. We believe that precise information and sports technology can contribute to the development of football itself. Without a doubt, FAS and Fitogether will both benefit from and grow together based on this agreement.”


Mr Kim Taeryung, Director of Fitogether, added: “With the current Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of taking care of players is more important than ever. The usage of EPTS devices can help clubs to better evaluate player performance and aid in injury-prevention.”


Mr Razif Ariff, Geylang International FC’s Fitness Coach and Video Analyst, welcomed the opportunity to incorporate the technology as part of their fitness tracking schedule, saying: “The utilisation of tracking and performance data has become a key and widespread application in modern football. At Geylang, we have used and been impressed with Fitogether’s devices, which have helped to inform our strategies for training and matches. This partnership can only benefit the entire league as a whole as we look to improve our standards.”


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