News • November 1, 2015

Footballers Boosted By Scholarships


Written By: Kenneth Ho

Sixteen footballers were given additional incentives to excel in both on and off the pitch activities after receiving a scholarship from Hougang United.

The award is bond free and will absorb the cost of these students’ tertiary education fees.

The recipients expressed their gratitude to Hougang United for recognising their hard work, and added that it would push them on to greater heights.

“A scholarship would be beneficial for my future and I am very honoured because there are only 16 recipients in total,” said 19-year-old Temasek Polytechnic Tourism and Resort Management student Kenneth Lee.

“It shows that my hard work in football and academic is paying off,” the Tampines Rovers Prime League player added.

Hougang United chairman Bill Ng shared his happiness at seeing his team’s dream coming to fruition, after admitting that they face numerous obstacles in establishing this scholarship for students.

“We wanted to give back to society, this is why we came up with the scholarship,” Ng said.

“The selection process-wise, there were a lot of problems but the whole team did it very well.”

While Ng hoped that these 16 students would go on to excel in football, he urged them to prioritise maintaining their excellent grades in school first.

“The first thing I will tell the boys is to do well in school first, and then get the football right on the field,” he said.

Although Home United defender R.Aaravin has sights on a career as a footballer, he agreed with Ng’s sentiments.

“I feel really honoured and happy to receive this award cause this will further push and motivate me in the career I plan to undertake,” Aaravin said.

“(But) it’s not a thing where you have to make it (as a footballer) or not. It’s a stepping stone for you to use and help decide your career. It will help to push you for now and the coming years.”