Singapore Premier League • August 29, 2014

Jaguars Play Hosts To Rampant League Leaders


Tanjong Pagar United vs Brunei DPMM

(August 30, Saturday, 7.30pm, Queenstown Stadium)

Written By: Kenneth Ho

This will be the last time Tanjong Pagar face Brunei DPMM in the Great Eastern Yeo’s S.League this season, before the league splits into two halves in Round Three.

As the title race reaches its last stages, DPMM are the ones sitting in prime position. They have shown over the season why they are among the contenders, especially with a 8-1 drubbing of Woodlands Wellington in their last game.

One of the things Tanjong Pagar needs to be wary about DPMM is that they have players who are strong in the air, and with the likes of Azwan Ali within the ranks, there will be crosses pumped into the box to ensure that DPMM make full use of their advantage.

However, Adi Said has also added another dimension to the squad. Blessed with good pace, DPMM can also look to play the ball on the ground before releasing the striker through midfielder Rosmin Kamis and fellow forward Rodrigo Tosi.

Tanjong Pagar might want to put on a good showing against the league leaders, but the Jaguars have been too inconsistent this season for anybody to dare back them to get a result.

After winning title contenders Tampines Rovers, the Jaguars fell to a 2-1 defeat by Geylang International in their last game. The inability to win games successively have hurted them, and it does not seem to be changing anytime soon.

One of Tanjong Pagar’s problem this season has been the unavailability of several key players, and that is set to continue with the suspension of Sazali Saleh.

That said, the Jaguars can be a tenacious bunch. If Ahmad Latiff is featured during this match, it is likely he will lead by example and challenge for the ball whenever possible. This might throw the league leaders off their game, and allow Tanjong Pagar some breathing space.

Suspension: Sazali Bin Mohd Saleh (Tanjong Pagar )

Key Men To Watch

Tanjong Pagar: Monsef Zerka

A player with lots of flair, this Jaguar player might churn out a surprise or two against DPMM. With his nifty tricks and off-the-ball movement, Raspudic Boris and gang might find Zerka a handful to cope with.

If Tanjong Pagar wants to put a dent on DPMM’s title challenge, Zerka might just be the player they have to depend on.

Brunei DPMM: Roberto Alviz

Everybody will be expecting DPMM to score a bucket of goals over Tanjong Pagar, so it will be natural to assume the eyes should be on the forwards.

However, one of DPMM’s midfield kingpin, Alviz should also be looked out for.

An intelligent player, Alviz knows when he should play the ball long or short. Against Balestier two games ago, he was one of the best passers in the game with 76% of them finding their mark.

So while Roy O’Donovan, Rodrigo Tosi and Adi Said can be counted upon to score goals, Alviz can be relied upon to supply the ammunition or maintain possession when needed.

Tanjong Pagar United – LWLLW

25/8/14    Tanjong Pagar 1-2 Geylang International

22/8/14    Tampines Rovers 0-1 Tanjong Pagar United

30/7/14    Tanjong Pagar United 1-2 Home United

25/7/14    Tanjong Pagar United 0-2 Brunei DPMM (StarHub League Cup Final)

21/7/14    Tanjong Pagar United (4P) 0-0 (2) Hougang United (StarHub League Cup SF)


26/8/14    Brunei DPMM 8-1 Woodlands Wellington

21/8/14    Balestier International 3-3 Brunei DPMM

3/8/14      Brunei DPMM 2-2 Hougang United

25/7/14    Tanjong Pagar United 0-2 Brunei DPMM (StarHub League Cup Final)

21/7/14    Geylang International (0) 0-0 (3P) Brunei DPMM (StarHub League Cup SF)

Head to Head (S.League)

9/5/14      Brunei DPMM 4-0 Tanjong Pagar United

12/7/13    Tanjong Pagar United 1-1 Brunei DPMM

7/4/13      Brunei DPMM 0-1 Tanjong Pagar United

23/9/12    Tanjong Pagar United 0-3 Brunei DPMM

13/4/12    Brunei DPMM 3-2 Tanjong Pagar United