Singapore Premier League • May 24, 2014

Lee Respect Opponents; Steinebrunner Accepts Defeat


Written By: Kenneth Ho

Home United trounced Geylang International 4-1 at Bedok Stadium on Thursday evening to keep pace with their title-chasing rivals but Home coach Lee Lim Saeng was not about get carried away with the result as yet.

The Protectors were the first to concede a goal in the match, and Lee was pleased to see his team’s response after a sluggish opening 15 minutes.

“I am happy to see the result. I need to thank my players, it’s not easy to overcome to win the match. We conceded the first goal early, and they did well to come back and win 4-1,” the Home United coach said.

“I didn’t expect we can beat this team 4-1, because we also drew 1-1 against Courts Young Lions. Every match I think is very tough, and I need to respect these opponents, they also work very hard.”

The win also pulled Home closer towards the top, as they were now third, and seven points away from league leaders Brunei DPMM who lost to Warriors FC 1-0 in the other match of the evening.

However, Lee insisted he was not concerned about DPMMs form at the moment, and demanded that his side be fully focused on their own form.

“I cannot afford to check on the other score during matches, we need to be humble and we just need to keep our form,” the South Korean said.

Geylang coach Jorg Steinebrunner was shocked by the fashion in which his side capitulated to Home, and admitted that the difference between the top sides in the league and his were that more illustrious opponents were more clinical.

“If they give you chances, and you are not going to take it, then I think you know what is going to happen, the writing is on the wall,” Steinebrunner said succinctly.

“They were more clinical, we weren’t. Thats the difference between the top teams and us.”

The Eagles had ample opportunities to score during the game, but were unable to find the mark on several occasions despite the players finding themselves in good positions.

“That shows what we are capable of playing, but then it also shows that at the moment we are making individual mistakes, and that’s where we get punished,” Steinebrunner shared.

“I think that’s where at the last few games where our performance-wise are as good as any of these teams but due to individual mistakes we get punished.

“Some people would see the result and say, ‘its 4-1 it is a straightforward game’, but the people who were here would know it wasn’t.”