News Singapore Premier League • February 28, 2014

S.League to Ride on Sports Hub Waves


Written by: Kenneth Ho

Great Eastern Yeo’s S. League CEO Mr Lim Chin expressed hopes that the new National Stadium, The Singapore Sports Hub, which is set to open its doors in April this year and has a capacity capable of accommodating 55, 000 spectators will boost Singapore’s football and the league’s profile.

“I think its early days yet, but more importantly we must kick off on the right foot with football in our spanking new Sports Hub by bringing back the Kallang Roar, so that it kicks off the critical mass of the Kallang Roar, “ Lim said at the Sports Hub events preview on Thursday morning.

Football Association of Singapore (FAS) President Mr Zainudin Nordin also stressed that the organisation were looking to fully maximise the stadium’s potential and bring in events that could help revive and sustain interest in Singapore’s football.

“We are all cracking our heads, every day we are thinking how to bring back that excitement and the Kallang Roar, we are confident of a few things,” said Zainudin. “We have this new stadium, there is a feeling of new and feeling of excitement to come here. At least for that there is a positive momentum.“

“We are trying to bring back exciting events, it is about success, where you have good results people will start to get excited and come back.

“We in negotiation with parties, serious negotiations, and hopefully things will become reality. We are aiming for one top European country, one top Asian country, and one top European club to (play in National Stadium). “

FAS’s effort in ensuring the progress of Singapore’s football heartened the S.League CEO, who felt that sustaining the community’s interest in football will eventually benefit the S.League.

Lim further hoped that the S.League would grow to be popular enough to merit the use of the stadium to host certain fixtures in the future.

“From there I think the football fever will increase tremendously in football and I think of course the S.League will ride on this wave. “

“Maybe not in the initial stages, but in the time to come the S.League will play some games here (National Stadium) when there are big matches. “

Mr Zainudin also took the opportunity at the press conference to announce that Singapore will play its first game at Sports Hub in August, against traditional rivals Malaysia.

“I would like to announce that our Singapore will be hosting our neighbours Malaysia in the opening match on 8 August, “ Mr Zainudin said.

“We have chosen this date specially and you would also know this is one day before our national day. Now people will ask us why we chose Malaysia.

“You know this rivalry has been going on for the longest time, it is one of the fiercest rivalries and I think this is something we would like to see.“