News • January 25, 2016

S.League Unveils Mitre As New Official Match Ball Sponsor


Written by: Shawn Lim

It will be the dawn of a new era for the Great Eastern Yeo’s S.League this upcoming season, in terms of the footballs that will be used on the pitch.

After more than a decade of using Mikasa balls and equipment, the S-League announced a five-year deal with Mitre on Monday that will see the world’s oldest manufacturer of footballs become the league’s official football and product supplier.

Under the deal, the British company will provide its football for the S-League, Prime League, Singapore Cup, League Cup, COE League, National Football League and Island Wide League matches.

The Mitre Delta Hyperseam ball that will be used in the S.League is the fastest ball the company has ever made, as it features the company’s hallmark of 12 symmetrical panels completed with a textured surface that will give it excellent aerodynamics.

“This partnership is a great opportunity for us to build brand awareness island-wide, whilst creating new sales opportunities as football is watched and loved by many in Singapore,” said Alfred Toh, general Manager of Teamwork Sports LLP, Mitre’s licensee for Singapore and Malaysia.

“Football is proven as the number one sport, and the S.League provides us with a new platform to demonstrate the technological advancement of our products whilst encouraging purchase amongst amateur players and fans.

“Mitre is dedicated to being at the heart of football and improving the quality of play at every level.”

S.League CEO Lim Chin feels that the deal will benefit both parties as it will increase Mitre’s presence in the region and at the same, help the league tap into the company’s vast connections in the sporting world.

Aside from the S.League, Mitre also supplies its footballs to The Football League in England, from the second-tier League Championship to League Two, and Scotland’s Professional Football League.

“Apart from having the most advanced football in the world, maybe in the future, we can also do something with the clubs and the leagues as well,” said Lim Chin.

“For Mitre, even though they have been around for the longest time, they are still trying to grow their brand in this region.

“So I speak for everyone at Mitre when I say they are delighted to be involved with the S.League, which is Singapore’s only professional sports league.”