SPL Real Manager

About the Game

Singapore Premier League (SPL) Real Manager is an online game in which players collect points based on how the league’s players perform each week. In simple terms: you put together a virtual team of SPL footballers and if their real-life counterparts do well, you get points. At the end of the season, the points will be tabulated up and the top 3 managers will be given prizes.

How to play

Pick your squad!

Managers are given a budget of 120M. You will need to put together a squad of 14-16 players (11 starting, 3-5 on the bench). Take note that bench players can only get half the points of the performance of their real-life counterparts.

If you would like to change your players midway, fret not, there are unlimited weekly transfers. If you are unable to choose between the players, we also have an autofill function to get your team completed.

Try the Singapore Premier League (SPL) Real Manager now!

It’s free to play and prizes are up for grabs for top managers.