League Cup • July 16, 2014

Steinebrunner Delighted To Defy The Odds


Written by: Khalis Rifhan

Geylang International coach Jorg Steinebrunner was understandably happy that his side defied the odds and remained unbeaten in the StarHub League Cup, ending their Group B campaign with wins over Tampines Rovers and Warriors FC.

“Both teams have qualified and (the question is) who will play who and want to play who. For me it does not matter. In the end of the day we wanted to win the game,” said Steinebrunner.

“It is a good day for Geylang because we finish at the top of the group. After the draw, most people would have said it will be a straightforward Warriors and Tampines (to qualify to the quarter-finals).”

While the scoreline was one of Warriors coach Alex Weaver’s heaviest defeat, he was not about to bring out the sword on his players.

Although several players were making their debut for Warriors, they did not crumble under pressure against the more experienced campaigners. They put up a commendable performance in the first-half and gave the Eagles scares on several occasions.

“It is disappointing because their effort and endeavour did not warrant a 4-0 scoreline. I am proud of them in the first half although we conceded that goal which was an error,” commented Weaver.

“We matched them and had couple of good chances. Overall the stronger legs in Geylang made the difference in the end.”

Warriors custodian Neezam Aziz made two howlers in the match which resulted in goals for Geylang. But despite that, Weaver stood by his goalkeeper and is confident he will be back stronger for their quarter-final clash against Tanjong Pagar United on Friday.

“He contributed massively against Tampines the other night. You get that with goalkeepers sometimes due to their nature of position. He just made a bit of error and he will bounce back.”

Fresh from the win, Steinebrunner will now turn his attentions to their quarter-finals opponents Albirex Niigata (S) and believed that his team is on the road for success in this competition.

“Now we are going to play Albirex, it will be a good game. If you want to win the League Cup, you have to take it as how it comes. Football is about facing your opponents,” explained the German.

“A wins as a coach is nice, but at the end of the day it is for the players and the club. As long we try to do the right things, we should be on the right track (to win the League Cup).”