Singapore Premier League • April 1, 2014

Steinebrunner Refusing To Set Target For Eagles


Written By: Kenneth Ho

Geylang International new coach Jorg Steinebrunner has refused to set a target for his team as yet, until he has seen more of them in action.

Steinebrunner was recently installed as the Eagles head coach after his predecessor Vedhamuthu Kanan was re-designated as the club’s Prime League coach.

The club lost their first three games under Kanan in the Great Eastern Yeo’s S.League but managed to earn their first win against the Courts Young Lions in Steinebrunner’s debut before holding title favourites Brunei DPMM to a 1-1 draw a week ago.

However, Steinebrunner felt that he has not seen enough from his team to provide an appropriate target of what they should be aiming for.

“Climbing up the table-wise, I am not setting a target now because we need to get out of it first [the bottom half],” Steinebrunner said.

“It is just one win so we need more good performances and maybe from there we will see at the halfway stage where we are and then we will see what the target is going to be.”

Despite inheriting the squad from Kanan, Steinebrunner was convinced that the players at his disposal were good enough to be competitive in the S.League and added that his philosophy of coaching does not include making transfers during the season.

“I think It would be wrong for me to come out and say I am gonna put them under pressure by telling them if you don’t do well then things are going to change,” he said. “For me I am looking towards the end of the season and not towards the transfer window.”

“We have the players who are still coming back from injury, and that’s good for the team. They are not so-called bench players, they are good players.”

Steinebrunner also revealed that he preferred a possession-based style of play from his team, and that his man-management will be solely based on maintaining morale within the Eagles camp.

“For me as a coach, you know the good things, you need to emphasise more on it,” Steinebrunner shared.

“The negative things we can talk about it and then improve in the training because when you evaluate things and talk about negative things that’s not [good].

“For me football is positive because at the end of the day whatever you do you need to go positive.”

Geylang will next travel to Pasir Gudang Stadium in Johor to face bottom side Harimau Muda on 3rd April.