News Singapore Premier League • January 1, 2021

Stipe Plazibat extends helping hand to Croatia quake victims


SINGAPORE, 1 JANUARY 2021 – Lion City Sailors star Stipe Plazibat has reacted to the recent earthquake back home in Croatia by offering help to those affected.


On Tuesday (29 December), a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit central Croatia. It was the country’s worst earthquake in 140 years and the epicentre was in Petrinja, 50km south of the capital, Zagreb. A day earlier, a 5.3-magnitude earthquake had struck north of Zagreb. A series of aftershocks have continued to rock the area and the disaster has killed at least seven people, injured dozens and left several towns and villages in ruins, according to AP.


The event spurred Plazibat to extend a helping hand and also put out a call on social media for others who may be interested in helping. The 31-year-old Split native said in a Twitter post: “To all my friends and followers all over the world. Yesterday big earthquake hit Croatia, many people lost their homes and everything they been working for whole their life. They need help, all of you who are willing to help please contact me, even small contribution counting.”


Those who are keen to help can get in touch with Plazibat through his Twitter (@SP9_Chipa) or Instagram (@s.plazibat9) handles.


Plazibat told that earthquakes were not a usual occurrence in Croatia and as such, most of the infrastructure and people in the affected region were unprepared for such a strong event. He added that most of the people living there “are very poor” and as such, he felt compelled to help.


“I saw photos (where) people lost their homes, (which is) something they have been working for their whole lives and as an individual, I felt a responsibility to do everything in my power to try and help them the only way I currently can,” he said. “Even small donations (will) make a difference to them as they have lost all they have, and most of them don’t have anything else but hope for a better tomorrow, hopefully together with good people around the world I can contribute (toward that)… So, I try to spread the word so other people from this part of the world know what happened there and if they feel they want to help, I give them the opportunity to help.”



So far, the response has been “very good” since Plazibat put out the rallying cry on Wednesday afternoon. He has provided a link to a non-profit organisation that is raising funds and has also offered to collect donations via PayNow before distributing it to the organisation and also directly to affected victims. “Yesterday, I found the direct contacts of 2 families that lost their homes and after I finish collecting the money, I will distribute to them,” he said. “I can also provide their bank details so people can directly donate to them.”



The striker has also donated money on a personal basis and opened up his residence in Croatia to those who need it. “I have also offered accommodation in my house, together with meals, clothes and whatever they need until they manage to move on. As an individual, I feel a responsibility to do everything in my power to help those people.”


Plazibat added that while the situation is “very bad”, particularly with families left homeless in the middle of winter, he is heartened by the response both within and outside of Croatia. “Petrinja was hit very hard, together with several other villages around it,” he said. “Other countries around (us) sent their help and all Croatians reacted very well and helped in every way possible. The ultras supporters have shown once again how big they are; they organised (a response) very fast and rushed to that region in order to help as volunteers. Lots of food and clothes have been collected all around the country. I am very proud to see such response and it’s unity at its best.”


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