News • April 12, 2016

Warriors Visit ITE College West To Inspire Students


Written by: Shawn Lim

Warriors FC returned to ITE College West for their first annual school visit last Tuesday to bond with students over sports during the school’s Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) fair.

The first team made an appearance at the school’s Event Piazza, where various CCAs were demonstrated by students. The team then kicked out mini S.League footballs to the eager crowd from the stage as souvenirs.

The team, led by coach Jorg Steinebrunner, then proceeded to the school’s indoor sports hall where their club was set up, stopping for selfies and autographs with excited students along the way.

Warriors players plus Steinebrunner subsequently took part in the sporting activities on display, like street soccer, table tennis, as well as Muay Thai, which goalkeeper Yazid Yasin took a particular interest in.

The team proceeded to give out prizes like Warriors scarves, mini footballs, H20 drinks and S.League t-shirts to lucky winners who took part in the soccer game against the Warriors players.

Syaqir Sulaiman, who was particularly well received by students because of his previous stint as a lecturer in the school, was glad for the opportunity to return to the school together with his teammates, to inspire the students.

“This is a good way to interact with the students because we need support from the older, as well as the younger generation as well.

“They are having CCA fair today, so they can talk to the seasoned players like Madhu Mohana and Shaiful Esah about what kind of sports they can play.

“We can also give them motivation to encourage them to pursue their dreams and passions.”