Singapore Premier League • June 3, 2014

Weaver: We’ve Surpassed Expectations


Written by: Khalis Rifhan

After enduring a turbulent season a year ago, Warriors Football Club have steadily climbed the heights under coach Alex Weaver to join the big boys at the top half of the Great Eastern Yeo’s S.League table again.

Trailing league leader Brunei DPMM by just four points after beating them 1-0 in their last game, confidence is certainly high in the Warriors camp.

This bodes well for the league’s fallen giants, as they aim to put their hands on the championship once again after a four-year barren spell since their four straight title wins from 2006 to 2009 under former coach Richard Bok.

“We’ve surpassed other people’s expectations. We knew at the beginning of the season what we were bringing into the side, we knew what players we already had,” said Weaver.

“We are only four points away now and there’s a good chance we would play Tampines again in the half round so there’s points to be won there.

“We knew quite early on from the players coming in that we would do well. It’s now a matter of making sure the players focus on working hard and smart as much as they can for each training session and we will go from there. But we hadn’t really surprised ourselves.”

Weaver understands that destiny may actually be in their own hands as he explained that the league leaders is scheduled to play the other title contenders in the coming weeks.

“The good thing about the league table point is that DPMM have to go and play Tampines Rovers and face Home United soon so there might be points dropped there as well.” added the former Hougang United tactician.

“We just have to focus on ourselves really. We’ve got a tricky tie away to Harimau Muda followed by Hougang United quite close after that.

“So it’s very early and we still have hard games to go ourselves, so it’s not a matter of hoping Brunei slip up, we’ve got to look after ourselves first.”

Warriors next face Harimau on 5 June at Pasir Gudang Stadium while DPMM will host Home a day later.