News • November 23, 2016

Youth Showcase Passion At H-TWO-O Ultimate Challenge Cup


Written by: Darren Ho

The second edition of the H-TWO-O Ultimate Challenge Cup was a success with young aspiring footballers coming together to showcase their footballing passion over two days (21 and 22 Nov) at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

The H-TWO Ultimate Challenge Cup was first held in May earlier this year and the match format was based on the Football Association of Singapore’s Football Development Philosophy Syllabus.

It was a double triumph for Loyang Primary School as they won the five-a-side Junior’s and Senior’s Division category while Queensway Secondary School emerged victors of the C Division eight-a-side tournament.

Glistering in the scorching sunrise, the Primary and Secondary School boys were coolly composed in their school colours and lifted themselves through teamwork and requisite hydration with bottles of H-TWO-O.

Ms May Ngiam, First Vice-President for Marketing of YHS (Singapore) Pte Ltd was in attendance as guest-of-honour, alongside Mr Lim Chin, CEO of S.League, and Mr Idris bin Abdul Rashid, Chairman of the Organising Committee.

Enlightened that many young players were enthusiastic in their game while staying hydrated, Ms Ngiam said, “What is important is to get the children to have an interest in playing football.

“The H-TWO-O Ultimate Challenge Cup is not as competitive compared to other competitions where you play to win because we want to cultivate the interest in football from a very young age and inspire them to grow into the next talent pool for Singapore football,” expressed Ms May.

H-TWO-O believes in providing young athletes with the right hydration supplement and to boost their mental preparedness, sportsmanship and teamwork in the 2016 H-TWO-O Ultimate Challenge Cup.

With Singapore’s calescent climate, it is vital for athletes to stay hydrated before, during and after each game.

Unity Primary School football coach, Ramesh gave his insight, underlining the need for sports instructors to nurture their players’ replenishing routine.

“Hydration is very important because it keeps players in the game and once they are hydrated, heat exhaustion won’t come into play,” explained Ramesh.

“Hence, it is crucial for coaches to look into the benefits of drinking H-TWO-O, explain to their players why they need to drink up, and make them understand so that it will sink into them and they will consume it.”

Unlike distilled water, H-TWO-O contains electrolytes and carbohydrates that give you the extra boost in performance and in muscle recovery.

With a gulp of the tasty and flavourful isotonic drink, you can replenish your salt levels and alleviate your fatigue at one go.

10-year-old Rohan Mani was amongst this year’s winners and he reminisced how H-TWO-O had an impact in his game.

“Whenever I quench my thirst with H-TWO-O, I have a good feeling of playing well and I encourage myself more. It’s sweet and tasty and it helps me get my energy back after a tiring match,” expressed Rohan.

Parents who came down to spur on their kids have also shown their support in inculcating their children to absorb the right fluids when in action.

Vincent Ho, whose son plays for Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) said that such competitions send out handy reminders to inspire young athletes to stay active in sports and to fuel themselves with the right hydration supplement.

“H-TWO-O is refreshing for the kids and helpful in reminding them to hydrate more before, during and after the game, while this tournament is a good platform to be exposed to games,” said Ho.

2016 H-TWO-O Ultimate Challenge Cup Results

Secondary Schools’ – ‘C’ Division Category

1st: Queensway Secondary School

2nd: Mayflower Secondary School

3rd: Hong Kah Secondary School

4th: Woodlands Secondary School

Primary Schools’ – Senior Division Category

1st: Loyang Primary School

2nd: Jurong West Primary School

3rd: Unity Primary School

4th: Ngee Ann Primary School

Primary Schools’ – Junior Division Category

1st: Loyang Primary School

2nd: South View Primary School

3rd: Radin Mas Primary School

4th: Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)